Vanaf maandag, 11 oktober 2010
8 lessen

Tafelstraat 13
62 11 JD Maastricht
Tel.:  043-3215651
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€20,00 voor 8 lessen
Deze cursus is voor studenten UM en Hogeschool

Introduction in Tibetan buddhistic meditation

In eight lessons Tibetan buddhistic meditation is given on Tafelstraat 13 for students of UM and Hogeschool. Theory about how to meditate and why to meditate is explained. Meditating is not what many people think, that is just ‘sitting still’ and then trying to become still inside.

Maybe you already tried that once: you really tried to do or think nothing, but your mind wandered around... Some might think that they are not able to meditate because they are too stressed. In contrary: meditating regularly will help you in letting go of stress and open you up for the little wonders and beauty of life, because your mind is not rapped up by your thoughts and scenes that play inside your head. We practice to see the disturbing emotions and not to identify with them. By seeing thoughts as clouds that come and calmly go, you are concentrated in the ‘here and now’ without judging. As a result, you gain freedom in how everyday life presents itself to you.

Anybody can learn how to meditate, but it is necessary to practice; ‘meditating’ in Sanskrit means ‘practicing’. So every week we practice together, but it is strongly advised to practice also at home, ideally every day for (at least) 5 - 10 minutes. We come together for one hour, or 1,5 hours maximum. It depends on how much we have to tell about our experiences during the week or if there are a lot of questions.

This introduction is given by Ellen v.d. Velden; she is a long term student of psychology in Maastricht. Since 8 years, she is a student of Lama Karta, one of the teachers of the Tibetan institute Yeunten Ling in Huy, Belgium. She is also one of the organizers of the activities by Tibetan Buddhism in Limburg (TBL).