Zaterdag, 19 juni 2010

Instituut Yeunten Ling
Château du Fond l'Evêque
4 promenade Saint Jean l'Agneau
4500 Huy, Belgium

€25,00 / €15,00 for UM-students

Aanmelden en betaling:
Voor 19 juni op
Tafelstraat 13
Tel.: 043-321 56 51

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Tafelstraat 13

Excursie naar Yeunten Ling 2010

We would like to invite UM Students and other interested parties to participate in a day excursion to Huy (Belgium). Visit the beautiful Tibetan Buddhism institute situated in and around an old castle, surrounded by beautiful parks. The program is held in English & Dutch.

Just beneath Liege, the Tibetan institute Yeunten Ling is centered in the beautiful surrounding of the Ardennes. This institute surprises the visitor over and over again with the beauty of nature, the pleasant tranquility, the old castle and the wide lawns where a Stupa (monument of peace) and a big Buddha statue can be seen. The old countryseat is recently harmonically extended with a new building where the new big temple and comfortable rooms and studios are to be found. The name of the new temple is “Thubten Shedrub Ling” and it means: garden for study and education of the Enlightenment One.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave the new temple this name with the wish that it will be used as a meeting place between East and West. For starting a dialogue between the different cultures and spiritual tendencies, for combine people and bring back spirituality into society. The Tibetan Institute is not really a monastery or community, but it is a cultural centre for everybody who is interested in the spiritual values of life. Therefore, everybody is welcome, Buddhist or not.

Beside the peace in the centre, it is also a place where a new dynamic rules. This is created by the growing interest in Buddhism and the growing number of visitors. These visitors want to know more about Buddhism, want to study or to practice it. And for this purpose, teachings are given by the Tibetan Lama’s of the institute. These teachings are easy accessible and by choice, can be followed for one or more days.

Buddhism is a fertile ground for comparative studies with different beliefs, philosophy, science and history. In terms of doctrine ‘Dependent Origination’ is, according to some, Buddhism's primary contribution to metaphysics. Also, Buddha’s emphasis on the’ Middle Way’ and the ‘Four Noble Truths’ not only provides a unique guideline for ethics but it has also allowed Buddhism to peacefully coexist with various local beliefs, in adopted countries for most of its history. According to analysis, Buddhism is the fourth-largest religion in the world behind Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism and the monks' orders are among the oldest organizations on earth.