Vrijdag, 2 mei 2008

Instituut Yeunten Ling
Château du Fond l'Evêque
4 promenade Saint Jean l'Agneau
4500 Huy, Belgium

Website van het instituut Yeunten Ling
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20€ / 10€ for students

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Studium Generale Maastricht

Excursion to Yeunten Ling institute 2008

Buddhism is a fertile ground for comparative studies with different beliefs, philosophy, science and history. In terms of doctrine, Dependent Origination is, according to some, Buddhism's primary contribution to metaphysics.

Also, Buddhist emphasis on the Middle Way and the Four Noble Truths not only provides a unique guideline for ethics but it has also allowed Buddhism to peacefully coexist with various local beliefs, in adopted countries for most of its history.

According to analysis, Buddhism is the fourth-largest religion in the world behind Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism and the monks' orders are among the oldest organizations on earth.

We would like to invite UM Students and other interested parties to participate in a day excursion to Huy (Belgium). Visit the beautiful Tibetan Buddhism institute situated in and around an old castle, surrounded by beautiful parks. The program is held in English.


9:00 Meeting at trainstation Maastricht
11:00 Guided tour around the institute
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Teaching by Lama Karta about meditation
15:00 Tea and biscuits and time to visit the shop or to walk in the woods (with guidance)
16:30 Departure back to Maastricht
Arrival back in Maastricht approximately 17:30